Using just a camera and film, what kind of image can be made?

The photographic image should be an accurate record of what the camera and film captured. And, an image made with film has a certain feel to it. The image should be an experience - it should shift you. Maybe make you smile. Remember when you were a child how a simple little thing could galvanize your entire being - time stood still and you felt totally connected to the world - there was a feeling of total contentment?

A transparency film image processed through standard chemistry, with the absolute minimum disturbance of the captured image during the processing and finishing stages, is the paradigm for an unmanipulated image. So, just a camera and some film.

The body of work consists of five ongoing series: Agriculture, Color Fields, Landscapes, Structures, and Trees.

Suggestive of the American modernism Precisionism movement, the work is characterized by the reduction of compositions to simple shapes and underlying geometrical structures, with clear outlines, minimal detail, unexpected viewpoints and framing, and an emphasis on the abstract form of the subject.

Agriculture - Agricultural Fields

Strawberry Field #3, Marina Field #12, Dunningan Field #10, Moss Landing Field #9, Moss Landing Field #6, Sunset State Beach Field #3, Sunset State Beach Field #2, Yolo County Field #7, Moss Landing Spinach Field, Hollister Rice Field, Williams
Field #11, Dunningan Field #13, The Palouse Field #4, Sunset State Beach Cabbage Field, Santa Maria Lettuce Field, Santa Maria Broccoli Field, Santa Maria Field #5, Marina Strawberry Field, Watsonville Brussels Sprout Hill, Sunset State Beach Brussels Sprout Field, Sunset State Beach
Strawberry Field #2, Watsonville Brussels Sprout Field With Ocean, Sunset State Beach Celery Field, Guadalupe Field With One Road #2, Watsonville Field With One Road, Watsonville River Road Field, Salinas Green Field #2, Paso Robles River Road Vineyard, Salinas

Agriculture - Agricultural Structures

Barn #2, The Palouse Rice Silo, Woodland Barn Silhouette #4 With Bird, Point Reyes White Barn #4, Point Reyes Station White Barn #5, Point Reyes Station White Barn #6, Point Reyes Station White Barn, Salinas Valley White Barn #2, Palo Corona Red Barn #3, Hollister Red Barn #2, Hollister
Red Barn, Jalama White Barn #3, Paso Robles Barn, Petaluma Barn #3, The Palouse Point Reyes Station Barn, Point Reyes Station Point Reyes Barn, Point Reyes Station Cambria Barn, Cambria Point Sal Barn, Point Sal Cambria Barn #2, Cambria A Barn, Palos Verdes
Greenhouse, Santa Maria Stewarts Point Barn #2, Stewarts Point Stewarts Point Barn, Stewarts Point Adelaida Barn #1, Adelaida Adelaida Barn #4, Adelaida Adelaida Barn #2, Adelaida Adelaida Barn #3, Adelaida Sea Ranch Barn, Sea Ranch Sea Ranch Barn #2, Sea Ranch Barn Silhouette #3, Pierce Point
Barn Silhouette #2, Big Sur Barn Silhouette, Big Sur Barn With Tool, Big Sur Barn With Pipes, Santa Maria Two Lights, Guadalupe Sweet Darling, Sebastopol Palettes, Sebastopol Chemical Tank, Santa Maria Box Cars, Guadalupe

Color Fields

Pebble Beach, Moonstone Beach Ducks, Inverness Color Field #5, Corona del Mar Offshore Drilling Platform, El Capitan State Beach Color Field #9, Nojoqui Color Field #3, Guadalupe Dunes Color Field #4, Guadalupe Dunes Color Field #12, Santa Maria Color Field #6, Guadalupe Dunes Color Field #7, Yaquina Head
Color Field #2, Guadalupe Dunes Drains To Bay, Newport Beach Back Bay Duck, Newport Beach Back Bay Color Field #11, Santa Maria Color Field, Big Sur Color Field #10, Santa Maria Color Field #8, Corona del Mar


Landscape, Point Reyes Field, San Simeon Bush, Solana Beach Kelly’s Field, Big Sur Red Bush, Solana Beach Back Bay Log, Newport Beach Back Bay Kim’s Sunset, Moonstone Beach Field #8, San Juan Bautista Bush #2, Carmel Reed, Newport Beach Back Bay
Field With Ocean, San Simeon Brown Field With Ocean, San Simeon Field With Clouds, San Simeon Sofia’s Beach, Crystal Cove State Park Pacific Grove Mural, Pacific Grove Winter Silhouette, Del Mar Brown Sunset, Del Mar Serene #2, Del Mar Snowy Plover, Guadalupe Dunes Dune, Florence
Serene, Del Mar


Country Bible Church, The Palouse Clover, Clover The Castle’s School House, San Simeon Surf Beach Station, Surf Beach Relax Inn, Ashland Carmelite Monastery, Carmel by the Sea Rope Fence, Guadalupe Dunes Rope Fence #3, Guadalupe Dunes Rope Fence #2, Guadalupe Dunes Railroad Crossing, Guadalupe
Train Trestle, Refugio State Beach Surf Beach Station #2, Surf Beach Train Trestle #2, Refugio State Beach Railroad Tracks, Refugio State Beach Train Trestle #4, Refugio State Beach Train Trestle #3, Refugio State Beach Away From Jalama, Jalama Beach Short, Redding Fire Station #4, Carmel by the Sea Fire Station, Santa Ana
Fire Station #3, Culver City Fire Station #2, Redding Fire Station #5, Nicasio Slangin, Santa Ana Jepson, Palos Verdes Guadalupe Hardware, Guadalupe No Parking, Los Alamos Yaquina Head Lighthouse, Newport Asilomar Lighthouse, Pacific Grove River Road Window, Salinas
One Light, Guadalupe Have A Nice Day, Balboa Island Adobe Window, Palos Verdes


Tree #6, Plaskett Blue Tree #2, Newport Beach Blue Tree, Big Sur Tree #5, Big Sur Tree #3, Plaskett Vineyard Tree, Paso Robles Tree #2, Plaskett My Favorite, Del Mar Blue Trees, Big Sur Almond Grove, Arbuckle
Almond Grove #2, Arbuckle Tree, Big Sur Tree #4, Paso Robles Tree of Light, Paso Robles Pink Tree, Big Sur New Favorite, Del Mar Beckett’s Spirit, Solana Beach Black Sunset, Solana Beach